Bartender Profile: Steven Shore

“Some of my closest friends began simply as clients. The bonuses of being behind the bar are the social aspect and building relationships from nothing. It’s a situation where you are constantly learning, growing and expanding.
“Working at the bar at KARoo is a really unique experience. We get to play with really creative recipes utilising only the very best spirits and ingredients found nowhere else on island, which for any bartender is a dream come true. KARoo’s handcrafted draft beer selection is unique and a large draw, setting the bar apart from most others and the designer cocktails are a lot of fun to make too.”

With more than 13 years industry experience, bartender Steven Shore, known to his friends and work colleagues as Steve ‘o’ has played a key role in creating the unique drinks menu at KARoo, raising the cocktail bar to an entire new level.
Originally from the city of London in Ontario, Canada, Steven moved to the warmer climes of Grand Cayman in 2008 from Vancouver, where he honed his skills as a bartender working at various bars and restaurants, including the Watermak on Kits, the Mill and the Regal Beagle.
Initially lured to the job aged 19 as a way to make some good money and have fun at the same time, Steven says he soon realised he had a passion for bartending.
In Cayman, he joined the team at Grand Harbour splitting his time bartending at the Oar House, Brick House and Dog House. After some three years he decided a change was needed.
A good friend of Matt Clubbe, KARoo’s manager, the veteran bartender soon found himself with an offer that he couldn’t turn down.