Appetizing Apps

How To Make Sushi – Photo Cookbook

How-to-make-sushi-appWho doesn’t love sushi? It’s tasty, pretty good for you, and offers a great variety of flavors. Standard ingredients lean towards seafood, but there are veggie options as well. If you’ve never tried making your own sushi, now’s your chance. The major supermarkets on the island stock all the ingredients – you just need instructions. Download the “How To Make Sushi – Photo Cookbook” app and let your creativity soar. You might even want to invite others around to give it a try at the same time. Practice makes perfect, and you can wash down your creations with some sake afterwards.



Martha Stewart Makes Cocktails

Martha-Stewart-appIt should come as no surprise that the queen of cooking and party hosting has put together an app about cocktails. Thankfully, some genuine thought has gone into the drink recipes. It’s not all about the garnishes and decorating your martini with a miniature Eiffel Tower fashioned from toothpicks. Of course the photography is top notch, making pitchers of the Summer Fruit White Sangria look absolutely delectable. For the price, you get a lot of bang for your beverage. There are also mocktails for those swearing off alcohol.




FromageLaunchImage-LandscapeBeing called cheesy isn’t always a bad thing, particularly if you’ve got a penchant for Parmesan or a soft spot for Stilton. The Fromage app lists hundreds of cheeses and allows you to add text to each one, including tasting notes. It also has wine pairing suggestions to make your ecstasy complete. It’s not the most beautifully designed app, but then if you want a first-person shooter game or a puzzle, go search for that instead. For those who appreciate a good cheese, it’s time to pass the crackers, please.



Delicious Pie Recipes Pro

pieIf the name of this app doesn’t convince you, then the images that come with it will. Pie people, rejoice! You’ll find every recipe you could possibly imagine here, including berry, peanut butter, meringue, apple and a huge range of meat pies. They’ve even thrown in crumbles, tarts and no-bake treats to keep you going for years. The different apple pies alone will bury you until 2017. This is the priciest app of these four, but the proof is in the pudding… or in the pie, in this case. Judging by the number of recipes you get, it works out to less than five cents a pop.