Appetizing Apps

Let’s Chef

If watching cooking programs gives you a hankering to try your hand at home creations, the Let’s Chef app is an excellent place to start. First of all, it’s free, which means you can spend the money you’ve saved on quality cookware. Secondly, some of the best chefs in the world, such as Marco Pierre White, Bobby Flay and Jamie Oliver take you through step-by-step videos, making recipes very easy to follow.

There are levels for all home cooks, starting at Freshman and ending at Masters. Ignore the odd misspelling (“sneak peak,” really?), as who cares about English skills when you’re holding a sharp knife, learning how to chop vegetables without amputating a digit in the process?



Wolfram Culinary Mathematics Reference App

Not everyone can be good at mathematics, and even though those quadratic equations may not be of much use in your everyday life, you’d be surprised how much of a role math plays in cooking.

Consider weights and measures, not to mention subtracting or multiplying ingredients to adjust the number of servings.

The Wolfram app puts a dizzying amount of information at your fingertips, including nutritional data, conversion rates and meal costs. It isn’t free, but it’ll save you a fortune in soggy breads and rock hard cakes. Never reach for the calculator again.



Cocktails: become a real bartender

There is no question; the art of mixology has become big business. What was perhaps once considered a job to do before starting a “real” career, bartending is now recognized as a serious skill.

Those who are at the top of their game can basically write their own ticket for prestigious positions anywhere in the world.

Even if you haven’t got such lofty aspirations, it doesn’t hurt to know how to make a mean cocktail at home, although this app has recipes, ingredients, instructions and imagery that may have you ready to throw away your office attire in favor of a different career. Shaker and jigger not included.

Free ($4.99 for pro version)


Healthy Desserts – by Green Kitchen

The title Healthy Desserts seems to be an oxymoron. Surely all desserts are, by law, to be incredibly unhealthy and delicious, all at the same time? This app thinks not, and proves it with recipes that feature organic ingredients, healthy fats, fresh fruit and whole grains.

Perhaps realizing that not everyone will be quick to buy what it’s selling, Healthy Desserts has clearly invested time and money on photos that will make anyone a believer.

Vegan, raw, gluten-free, they’re all here and more. This app has won numerous awards, so it must be doing something right.