Editor’s Picks – A/W 2016

Hot Wok by Breville

Love Asian food? Then this wok by Breville is a kitchen must-have. Designed to provide the same high-heat as a traditional wok powered on a gas flame, this handy countertop wok harnesses the precision of electricity for optimal control, delivering all the heating, browning, and stir-frying you need to create a delicious dish. Whether you are cooking a saucy stir-fry for two, or a fresh, flavorful family-sized meal, the Hot Wok will be able to handle all your culinary needs.

Bon Vivant $159.95


Cheese Dessert Set by Boska Holland

boska-cheese-board-set-2This elegant cheese board will make an elegant addition to any dining table. The set includes two mahogany cheese boards, as well as a cheese knife and cheese hatchet, both made from stainless steel with wood handles.

Bon Vivant $35.95



Juicing is all the rage right now, offering a plethora of health benefits. The Nutribullet makes juicing at home effortless. This nifty nutrition extractor seamlessly breaks fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds and other plant foods down to their most absorbable state, for delicious juices every time. Unlike juicers and blenders, the Nutribullet breaks down the cell walls of fibrous plant foods, releasing those all-important vitamins and minerals contained within.

A. L. Thompson’s $123


herb-standHerb Stand by Normann Copenhagen

Nothing will elevate your home-cooked dishes quite like fresh herbs. Ensure you always have your favorite herbs to hand with this elegant herb stand and scissors.

Gawk & Leer $45


bodum-tea-for-oneTea for One Set by Bodum

Kirk Market is now stocking a selection of products by popular kitchenware brand, Bodum. We love this tea set for one, which allows you to effortlessly make a single-serving cup of tea using loose tea leaves. The handy lid keeps the tea warm while brewing, while the built-in tea strainer will ensure a perfect cup of tea every time.

Kirk Market $16.99


Siphon Coffee Brewer by KitchenAid®

Watch the process of vacuum brewing with the exclusive technology of the new Siphon Coffee Brewer by KitchenAid®.Pressure pushes water up through the siphon tube into the top jar where it completely immerses the coffee, extracting the purest and richest essences of your favorite beans.

coffee-siphonThis nifty machine offers coffee lovers the perfect method with which to savor the full flavor of coffee, without changing its essence. Ideal for those with a taste for clean, complex coffee with a medium body, in which all the flavors and oils are noticeable.

A. L. Thompson’s $200


Slice Cutting Board by Qualy

Make prep time simpler, as well as prevent cross-contamination of foods, with the colorful Slice Cutting Board by Qualy.

A stylish and functional kitchen addition, these boards are available in four different designs so as you can easily designate cutting boards for different tasks. The boards also come with a grid to help ensure precise slices.

Gawk & Leer $25


Sudster Hand Brush by Chef’n Clean

Make light work of the dishes with this nifty little tool. The Sudster Hand Brush is a palm-sized must-have for all cooks. Simply squirt and scrub. The hand brush can be quickly refilled when needed; simply twist off the handle. The dripless silicone valve eliminates leaky soap, while interchangeable brush replacements are available to tackle even the toughest clean-up jobs.

Gawk & Leer $7.50


Chef’s Classic Enameled Cast Iron Cookware Chicken Fryer by Cuisinart

This handy enameled cast iron 12-inch fryer will make quick work of family meals. The fryer is designed to cook large portions of chicken and fish, quickly and effortlessly. The cast iron construction provides superior heat retention as well as even heat distribution, while its eye-catching cherry red hue will add a pop of color to any kitchen décor.

A. L. Thompson’s $136