The Foodie Diaries: How Cayman’s Fittest Fuel their Lifestyles

They may seem to possess superhuman reserves of energy, but a nutritious, balanced diet is a huge part of the equation for this trio of wellness influencers. Let’s take a nose inside their kitchens and lunchboxes to find out what a typical day’s eating and drinking involves.

The Wellness Entrepreneur: Colleen Brummer

From Pilates to Personal Training, Colleen Brummer has accumulated a score of certifications over her 20 years in the physical health industry. She’s the driving force and founder of ENERGY Essential Fitness in Cricket Square.


My days start ridiculously early so I try to have something quick, easy and effective, like a spinach/berries/protein smoothie. I work with Andrea Hill, Holistic Nutrition Educator, and strive for her recommended pound of vegetables a day, so getting a big handful of spinach in my smoothie is a great start. Tossing in some almond butter or coconut oil adds those healthy fats.


Cut up veggies with hummus and raw cashews or some gluten-free crackers. I try to eat something at least every four hours to keep my energy levels going strong. With my job, the hours and activity levels are changing daily, so I’ve learned to eat for my day – whether it’s High Intensity Interval classes, or teaching Pilates and working with clients.


The “BIG” salad! I’m lucky to “live” next to The Brasserie Market and take advantage of their spectacular salad bar most days. Lots of mixed veg and chickpeas; eggs, chicken or fish for protein; avocado and olive oil dressing for healthy fats; and even some tossed in brown rice I’ve brought from home. Since my day starts so early and often goes until 8pm, I tend to treat lunch as my dinner.


Greek yogurt with walnuts – a quick and easy-to-digest snack before teaching evening classes to ensure I have enough energy for the workout as well!


I try not to go to bed on an empty stomach but often feel that a heavy dinner is too much for me at the end of the day (hence the BIG salad at lunch). Andrea has given me some great – and thankfully, simple – recipes for veggie soups. Perfect for a healthy snack before bed, or more substantial if you add chicken and a small salad.


The International DJ: Lizzie Curious

Think chart-topping DJs are all about hard-living and hard liquor? Think again: Lizzie Curious’ wholesome vegan diet fuels her through high-energy sets, from Rave Aerobics at The Gym to music festivals.


A lovely big bowl of rolled oats (soaked in hot water) with dates and banana, sprinkled with nuts and seeds, accompanied by a mug of green tea. I’ve got energy, protein and vitamins all in one bowl, plus some antioxidants thanks to the tea. I never, ever miss breakfast! This sets me up nicely for my morning workout at the F45 gym.


Following my workout, I munch on some Ryvita with natural roasted peanut butter while catching up on emails and social media. Then it’s time to hit the studio, where I’m working on a tropical chill remix of my single with Scotty Boy, “You’re Not Alone”. For an extra nutrient boost I sip an organic, local Green2Go juice.


Lunchtime! Last night I made a homemade veggie chili with black beans, kidney beans, sweet potatoes and heaps of vegetables… It tastes even better the next day. Next up, I’m off to the Epic Day Entertainment Studios for a team meeting and final preparations for our sell-out boat party on Saturday.


Back at my studio, I finish off my Green2Go juice whilst listening to new tunes and preparing for my show tonight.


I meet a friend for a catch up in Camana Bay and have a takeout salad from Bay Market: Quinoa, roasted pumpkin, kale and tomatoes.


I start my DJ performance at The Kings Head. Alongside a nice big glass of water to stay hydrated I treat myself to a small shot of good quality tequila (it is Friday night after all!).


It’s been a great night, but now I’m back home for an early night to get ready for the Epic Day boat party tomorrow. A banana and herbal tea is the perfect snack to round off the day and ensure I get a good night’s sleep.


The Olympian: Ronald Forbes

Track athlete Ronald Forbes has represented the Cayman Islands in three Olympic Games, and is also a World Championship semi-finalist and Commonwealth Games finalist.


The day always starts with a glass of room temperature water. Breakfast varies during the year: Coconut granola drizzled with honey; a bowl of fruit; two fried eggs and an apple.


Pre-practice protein shake. My diet is structured to keep my body feeding off of something constant, which in turn boosts my metabolism and fuels it throughout my high energy, demanding day.


Four ounces of grilled chicken breast. My vegetable source is a blend I call the “Mix”, including broccoli, asparagus, alfalfa sprouts, chives and kale, steamed in a pressure cooker. My carb source can be either a baked sweet potato or one cup of brown rice. I usually try to make my schedule easier by prepping my meals for the week on Sundays. Sometimes instead of cooking the meat myself I’ll buy boneless chicken breast packs – Jameions Jerk Chicken in East End does a large custom batch.


A post-lunch protein shake or bar with a bottle of water. I consume a lot of water, at least three-quarters of a gallon a day. Usually I mix it with Gatorade to add electrolytes for hydration.


Dinner is four ounces of chicken, fish or beef with one cup of steamed veggies and a bottle of water. Once a week I’ll have a cheat meal, usually for Saturday lunch: A whole fried lobster tail with two fritters (fried bread), pepper sauce and a glass of (Swanky) Cayman Islands lemonade from the Eastern Star Bar and Fish Fry. The purpose of the cheat meal is to satisfy any cravings that I may have during the week.


My post-dinner snack is two tablespoons of peanut butter and an apple. Before bed I’ll also have handful of dried coconut shavings with a bottle of water.