Appetizing Apps – S/S 2017

Jamie Oliver’s Recipes

Who doesn’t love a bit o’ Jamie Oliver? The enthusiastic British chef has become very popular over the years with his easygoing style and programs about nutritional meals for schoolchildren.

Every Monday, 15 new seasonal recipes are loaded into the app that feature step-by-step instructions along with the equipment you’ll need and images to get you in the mood. You’ll be happy to know that the measurements are all ounces and pounds; none of your grams and liters to cause a mathematical headache.

The basic app is free, but if after using it for a while you find you’re something of an Oliver-phile, you can spring for his Ultimate App with 600 recipes, videos and other upgrades.

Free for basic version, $6.99 for Ultimate


Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker

When trying to watch your weight by calorie counting, it’s sometimes difficult to gauge portions. If you’d rather not eat the same selection of bland food day in and day out, the Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker App from MyFitnessPal could be the answer to your prayers.

It opens up a world of dining options by giving you the calorie count of pretty much any foodstuff out there, thanks to its more than 5 million-item database. It removes the knowledge restrictions that could be presently making your diet difficult. This app has been highly rated by major magazines, is free to download, and works in tandem with the Apple Watch if you have one.



Martin’s Index of Cocktails

When first considering downloading this app, you may look at the price and start having second thoughts. But then think of what you spend on one cocktail and you’ll probably realize that this treasure trove of recipes is a bargain. A unique and immensely practical reference to the drink recipes of the first “golden age” of the American bar (1850s until Prohibition and onwards), this app will give you recipes curated from essential sources.

It also allows you to check off the ingredients you have at hand and lists the cocktails that can be created within those parameters. If you’re keen to learn how to be a better bartender and are interested in the origins of the cocktails you know and love, this is the app for you.



Bread Baking the Artisan Way

It is only fitting that bread should get its own app. There is nothing quite like the smell of homemade bread in the kitchen, and this app will have you churning out the baguettes, rolls and loaves in no time flat. Videos with in-depth instructions are included and all can be sent to a screen via AirPlay in case you don’t want to miss a moment but your hands are wrist deep in dough.

You may need to add a few pieces of equipment to your kitchen, but surely it will be worth it when you become a master baker. Recently given an award by the International Association of Culinary Professionals, this app is one you’ll want in your arsenal.