Black (Friday) Food

Five black foods we’d rather eat than go shopping today…

Squid Ink Linguine

Dyed with squid ink, this pasta is served up with garlic and tomatoes for a fast meal at home. View recipe.

Coconut Ash Ice Cream

The antithesis of all the pretty pastel shades we associate with ice cream, Morgenstern’s in New York made waves on social media last year when it introduced a flavor called black coconut ash. The color comes from charred coconut shells, churned in with coconut flakes, coconut cream and coconut milk. One scoop stains the lips and teeth zombie gray.

Black Bean Soup

A healthy, filling bowl of goodness, with classic Mexican flavors. View recipe.

Black Sesame Macarons

Sweet with a nutty finish, these striking morsels prove that macarons needn’t always come in sugary pastel shades. Black sesame is a common dessert ingredient in some Asian cuisines, and these are sandwiched together with the perfect peanut butter icing. View recipe.

Salted Licorice Caramels

Love salted caramel? Try a new twist on the mouth-watering flavor, with the addition of a subtle aniseed tingle. View recipe.