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Six new releases your kitchen needs…

Slow Cooker

Martha Stewart

Although we live somewhere with scorching temperatures, using a slow cooker to create healthy and nutritious meals should never be off the cards. If you’re stuck for ideas or just bored of your usual slow cooker creations, this Martha Stewart book may be just the thing you need.

“Slow Cooker” features more than 100 savory and sweet recipes. Learn how to braise meats to mouthwatering tenderness and even bake the perfect cheesecake, all using one of our favorite kitchen accessories.

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5 Ingredients

Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver is a staple of most foodies’ bookshelves, with “The Naked Chef“ and “Jamie’s Italy” being just two of his go-to reads. To tie in with his latest TV show, he’s released a cookbook concept that both amateur and pro chefs will be happy to get behind.

As the title suggests, each recipe has just five ingredients or less and they are all incredibly easy to make. It’s perfect if you’ve got little time to spare for cooking or prefer fuss-free recipes.

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Yotam Ottolenghi

Practice making some sweet treats (and taste plenty, too) with the help of famed chef Yotam Ottolenghi. Usually known for his bold Mediterranean and Middle Eastern savory dishes, Ottolenghi’s new cookbook “Sweet” (co-authored by Helen Goh) reminds us of his beginnings as a pastry chef with its tantalizing recipes for cakes, desserts and confectionery.

As well as traditional treats, many of the recipes have been given the Ottolenghi treatment with ingredients like rosemary, fig and pistachio.

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The Edgy Veg

Candice Hutchings and James Aita

The dynamic duo behind this innovative new recipe book are best known for their antics on popular YouTube channel, “The Edgy Veg.” Their cookbook is a visual display of the culinary philosophy they’re most famous for: creating delicious vegan dishes that meet the approval of meat lovers.

From buffalo cauliflower wings to cheesy fondue, “The Edgy Veg” revolutionizes vegan cooking and makes it accessible and attractive to even those most opposed to eating their veggies. This hilarious entertaining read will help take comfort eating to a whole new, healthier level.

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Chai, Chaat & Chutney

Chetna Makan

If you’re craving a taste of India, there’s no better cookbook to add to your collection than “Chai, Chaat and Chutney.” Written by former “Bake Off” contestant Chetna Makan, it’s filled with authentic and fragrant recipes inspired by her travels around the streets of Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai.

Discover how to make aromatic curries, tangy chutneys or unique spiced desserts. As well as the easy-to-follow recipes, this book is packed with stunning photography and some fascinating anecdotes of Chetna’s explorations.

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Olia Hercules

Counting Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson among her fans, Olia Hercules certainly knows a thing or two about good cooking. Originally from Eastern Europe, her recipes tend to take their inspiration from that corner of the world – and “Kaukasis” is no exception.

From Turkey and Greece to Georgia and Azerbaijan, each page explores dishes from the Caucasus region where distinctive European and Asian flavors merge to create a completely unique cuisine. Think spiced vine-wrapped dolma, nut-infused plov and a whole range of lesser-known but mouthwatering desserts.

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