Appetizing Apps – S/S 2018

Download these tools to hone your cooking skills and smarten up grocery shopping.


This app is for anyone trying to expand their wine knowledge beyond their comfort zone in the local liquor store. Take a picture of your chosen wine label and Vivino Wine Scanner will help you decide which wine to buy and which to leave on the shelf. It also provides detailed information about the wines you scan, including user ratings, reviews, food pairing suggestions and personalized recommendations, while saving your picks and ratings for future reference.

Free. Available for iPhone and Android.


Recently revamped, the all-new Epicurious app from publishing giant Condé Nast, has made it even easier to find the world’s best recipes, watch food videos and cook delicious meals. The overhaul now includes weekly content updates to inspire along with videos of favorite recipes. With over 35,000 tested recipes from publishers like Bon Appetit and Gourmet, plus recipe reviews and ratings from users, home cooking has never been so exciting. Create shopping lists, save your favorite recipes and find out exactly how long it takes to cook a perfect piece of salmon or a whole chicken.

Free. Available for iPhone.


This timing app allows you to set multiple timers for lots of different food on the grill, making keeping track much easier. It also has guide full of cooking techniques and optimum temperatures for cooking different types of food, with details on everything from traditional burgers and steaks, to rarely grilled items like strawberries. When cooking for a large group with varying meats and veggies, this app is perfect for keeping it all together.

$1.99. Available for iPhone.


Search and share recipes for new dinner ideas with friends and family. With over 500,000 recipes to choose from, BigOven has everything you need to get organized in the kitchen and on the go. Get inspired by food bloggers and seasonal collections curated for your feed and save recipes in an instant. Create a shared grocery list for your household, sorting items by department or recipe. Tick off your list by swiping as you shop. Save recipes from your favorite sites or snap a photo of a family recipe. If you have forgotten to do the grocery shopping, BigOven will help you use up what’s in your fridge, just type in up to three ingredients, and it will provide a tasty recipe for dinner.

Free. Available for iPhone and Android.


This clever app is the perfect pal for grocery shopping, giving you all the tried and tested tips on how to pick the freshest fruit and vegetables. Whether it’s knocking on watermelons, smelling pineapples, squeezing avocado or shaking blueberries, Harvest features an extensive collection of tips and techniques for over 120 produce items. There is also a very handy storage section that helps keep your produce fresher for longer with instructions on how to best store your fruit and veg. For instance, did you know that garlic is best kept out of the refrigerator, and that fresh corn loses half its sugar content in one day out of refrigeration?

$1.99. Available for iPhone.