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Delicious Sips

Rameses Maranan, best known as Ram, is a familiar face on Cayman’s cocktail scene. The mixologist veteran is now heading up the new bar at Lola Bistro, Camana Bay, which, thanks to Ram, is...

What’s Cooking?

Traditional pub, King's Head, now open A traditional-style pub, The King’s Head, has opened its doors along The Crescent, Camana Bay. Pull up a bar stool for a pint and enjoy the company of the...

Pantastic Options – A Guide to Frying Pans

Stainless steel or aluminium? Cast iron or copper? With so many types of frying pans to choose from, buying one can be somewhat of a minefield. What you plan to use the pan for...

Editor’s Picks – S/S 2016

Must-haves for the culinary enthusiast.

Books and Cooks

Our favorite foodie reads for summer 2016.

A Guide to Fresh Juice: The Elixir of Life

Whether store-bought or homemade, drinking freshly pressed or spun juice is a great way to get your daily servings of fruit and veggies.

Spice of Life

Flava delves into the history of culinary spices.

How To: Cook Chicken Like a Pro

Whether it’s roasted, grilled, or tossed in a hearty pasta dish, chicken is always a crowd-pleaser. 

A History of Afternoon Tea

How did afternoon tea become such an institution? We explore the roots behind the most genteel mid-afternoon meal.

Sumptuous Sushi

A Japanese delicacy dating back thousands of years, Cayman has developed a serious appetite for sushi.

How To: Grill to Perfection

Branch out from burgers and bangers; oysters and lettuce are among the unusual ingredients that work great on the grill.

We be jammin'

We be jammin'

How To: Drink Wine Properly

From storage to pairings, sommelier Greg Whisenant explains the correct way to serve your wine.

Give us our daily homemade bread

Give us our daily homemade bread

Field of greens

Field of greens

Whisky: The Water of Life

One local whisky connoisseur explains why he has such a passion for a wee dram.

How To: Poach to Perfection

Poaching can create some of the juiciest meats, the gentlest of softly-cooked eggs and the most delectable just-cooked fruits known to man.

From Farm to Fork

As the farm-to-fork movement sweeps across the country, local restaurants are rising to the challenge.

Cooking on the caboose

Cooking on the caboose

4 easy ways

4 easy ways