Island-Inspired Craft Brewery Launches

Start-up 19-81 brings a range of innovative, handcrafted flavors to the table, reflecting the diversity of the Cayman Islands.

What’s Cooking – Summer 2018

Our edit of the island’s most mouthwatering launches and delectable events.

Here Come the Girls! Celebrate Female Chefs at Women in White

This June sees an excellent celebration of girl power in the kitchen, with a new foodie event coming to Savannah. 

Next-Gen Chefs

The future of Cayman’s culinary scene is now in the hands of the next generation.

How to be an eco-friendly foodie

Tiny steps can make a big difference in minimizing the amount of waste that ends up on our landfills and in our oceans.

Waste Not, Want Not

Cayman’s restaurants and grocery stores are getting creative to cut down on food waste.

Solomon and the Bees

Dribble it, drizzle it and slather it on toast, fresh fruit, into smoothies, marinades, coffee: Cayman’s all abuzz about Reagan’s Honey.

Chef Will O’hara – Celebrating farm-to-table dining

Celebrating its seventh anniversary, Abacus in Camana Bay is breezing past the seven-year itch with a renewed focus on farm-to-table cuisine, thanks to newly...

Cool Treats for Hot Days

Gelato, frozen yogurt, lollies and ice-cream... Flava explores the stories behind our favorite icy refreshments.

Fresh from the Farm

Patrick Panton is one of a growing number of local farmers offering free-range, locally-raised chickens and eggs.

Meet Cayman’s Leading Herb Farmers

Supplying herbs to the island's major supermarkets and restaurants, the CayFresh team show us around their state-of-the-art farm.

Le Soleil d’Or: Harvesting Nature’s Bounty

This boutique hotel is attracting a new breed of tourists to the Brac’s shores – the culinary adventurer.

Fresh Off the Hook

Cayman is brimming with restaurants that specialize in preparing the very best the sea has to offer, from the very simplest island-style dishes to the truly exceptional.

We be jammin'

We be jammin'

From Farm to Fork

As the farm-to-fork movement sweeps across the country, local restaurants are rising to the challenge.

10 minutes with…. Hedy Goldsmith

10 minutes with.... Hedy Goldsmith

Hot Cha Cha!

Hot Cha Cha!

Artisan Delicacies: A Small Backyard

Artisan Delicacies: A Small Backyard

Agriculture, animals and appetising food, oh my!

Agriculture, animals and appetising food, oh my!

Sweet glorious honey

Sweet glorious honey