Island Naturals Cafe

Island Naturals Cafe serves healthy, vegetarian and vegan options in the centre of the Seven Mile Corridor, north of George Town.

VIVO Cafe & Restaurant

Our eco-friendly menu offers vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and dairy-free options. In an attempt to try and limit the invasive population of lionfish in our waters, we are happy to also offer a tasty selection of lionfish dishes.

Bread & Chocolate

Bread and Chocolate is a vegan restaurant, located at the corner of Dr. Roys Drive and Edward Street in the center of the financial district of George Town providing exceptional breakfast and lunch options for health-conscious and eco-conscious diners.

Agua Restaurant & Lounge

Agua has quickly established itself as one of the leading players in Cayman’s restaurant scene. Italian owners Cristiano and Walter became great friends while working together at Calypso Grill and have achieved their dream of creating a successful restaurant on Seven Mile beach.