Seafood Recipes

Warm Lionfish Salad with Bagna Cauda Dressing

Supporting Cayman's cull of the invasive Lionfish species has a delicious upside...

Olive Oil Poached Snapper

Olive oil poached snapper

Bacon-wrapped Jumbo Scallops with Pomodorini Sauce

For a showstopping dinner party or Christmas dinner, start with juicy bacon-wrapped scallops.

Fresh Catch Ceviche

Orange, sweet pepper and Scotch bonnet marinate fresh Wahoo in flavor.

Conch and Crocodile Fritters

Lean and high in protein, crocodile is becoming an increasingly a popular meat.

Calypso Shrimp

A white wine butter sauce is sensational with sauteed jumbo shrimp.

Conch Spring Rolls

A twist on the usual Chinese spring roll, using local Conch

Salmon Tartare with Tarragon Oil

Fresh salmon wows in this delicate, sophisticated starter.

Caribbean Shellfish Steam Pot

Get a true taste of the ocean with this irresistible mix of steamed mussels, shrimp and lobster in a coconut broth.

West Coast Fish Pie

Tasty fish pie topped with fluffy potatoes - it's one of our favorite dishes.

West Indian Lionfish Chowder

Locally-caught lionfish stars in a chowder bursting with Caribbean flavors.

Seafood Gumbo

Crab and shrimp are slow-cooked to perfection in this spicy Louisiana stew.

Lionfish Ceviche

A super-speedy and healthy way to prepare locally-caught Lionfish.

Coconut Lime Ceviche

This ceviche dish is packed full of fresh oriental flavors.

Cotton Tree Fried Fish

Marinated and flash-fried fish is Caymanian cuisine through and through.

Chilled Summer Gazpacho with a Caribbean Conch Salad

The ultimate summer soup, paired with Cayman's favorite delicacy: Conch.

Lionfish Escabeche with Avocado

Eating invasive Lionfish is both delicious and ethical, especially when marinated with sherry vinegar and herbs.