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Backroom Bartender Wins World Class Cayman 2018

Fede Gisbert Johnson emerged victorious with his Heavenly Garden bar and three unique cocktails.

Bitters, with a twist

Bitters are the salt and pepper of the cocktail world, an essential part of every good bartender’s toolkit. Yet few drinkers know much about these flavor-packed infusions.

Cocktail Queen: Meet Cayman’s World Class Finalist

Flava catches up with Amba Lamb as she readies for one of the world’s most prestigious bartending competitions: Diageo Reserve World Class.

Cayman’s Cocktail Stars Go Head to Head

The island’s most talented mixologists are battling it out over the next two days to earn a place at global cocktail-making contest, Diageo World Class.

Digesting a Trend: Mezcal

Global sales of this agave-based spirit have doubled in the past four years. What's all the fuss about?

Smokey Soirée

An orange and coffee-flavored mezcal cocktail created by mixologist Valerie Balignasay.

Appetizing Apps – S/S 2017

Download these to up your kitchen game

At the Chef’s Counter

Vicki Wheaton draws up a chair for an evening of culinary theater at the Kimpton, fueled by a wood-burning grill and lab-worthy mixology.

A Master Mixologist

Master mixologist, bar management expert and Diageo Reserve regional ambassador for Latin America and the Caribbean, Paulo Figueriedo, travels the globe exploring cocktail trends and passing on the tips of the trade to rising...

The Wife’s Favorite

Captain Morgan Spiced Rum forms the base of this tempting cocktail.

Cocktail: Aviation

A simple and seductive mix of cherry liquor, lemon and gin.

Moscow Mule

The ever-popular Moscow mule combines vodka, warming ginger beer and lime juice. Traditionally served in a copper mug.

Gin and Flowers

Elderflower liquor makes for a super summery gin cocktail.

Candy Blueberry Gin and Tonic

It's time to branch out from the usual citrus garnishes and instead try sweet blueberries in your G&T.

Watermelon Mint Julep

Sip a refreshing fruit julep to cool down on hot island days.

World Class Bartending

World class bartending

Diablo Mojito

Tequila adds an unusual twist to the standard mojito.

Give Me Gin & Tonic…

Gin is enjoying a huge revival as bartenders revert to more traditional spirits.