Tags Homemade and wholesome

Tag: Homemade and wholesome

A bowl of energy balls sitting on a plate with cherries around it

Energy balls

Instead of reaching for candy or chips when you want a quick snack on-the-trot, whizz up a batch of these wholefood-packed balls that will supply a dose of energy, protein and natural sweetness to...
Bowl of granola with black coffee and jug of milk

‘Handy’ Granola

Adapted from a recipe by British chef Anna Jones, ingredients are measured out by handfuls rather than scales, and you can customize away with whatever dried fruits, nuts and seeds are in your cupboard. {...
Pickled veges in jars

Vegetable Pickles

Just about any thinly-sliced fresh veggie can be pickled, a neat trick for preserving its lifespan. Bringing a delicious sweet-sour crunch to cheese boards or cold cuts, this recipe adds some spices for an...
Hummus with crackers

Green Hummus

This Levantine dip of cooked, mashed chickpeas is one of our favorite healthy snacks, but also is a delight spread in sandwiches or dolloped onto salads. { Makes one bowl } 1 (15 ounce) can...