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‘Honey Be Good’ Mocktail

An elegant mocktail, combining elderflower, honey and pineapple.

Teetotal Tipples

Being ‘off the bottle’ no longer means having to glug childish, sugar-laden sodas. Alcohol-free has undergone a serious upgrade, and a slew of artisanal, natural alternatives is on hand to quench your thirst.

Tangerine & Juniper Soda

It's easy to make your own botanical sodas at home - Anchor & Den's mixologists show us how.

Clean Green Smoothie

Charge up your energy levels and immune system with this superfood smoothie.

Healing Green Juice

With fresh greens and ginger, this tasty juice is packed with nutrients.

Digesting a Trend: Kombucha Tea

What's all the fuss about kombucha and how do you make it at home?